CABBIE CHRONICLES is an animated comedy about a cab driver navigating the
absurd complexities of modern Jamaican life.

The series chronicles the life of Delly, a temperamental taxi driver in Jamaica.
He provides sporadic, sometimes irreverent commentary to his daily encounters,
courtesy of his colourful passengers. Cabbie has 'old school' sensibilities and although
by no means perfect, has little tolerance for indiscipline and stupidity.

Supporting Cabbie in the series is his loving, church going wife, Eula; Tanya Chung,
Cabbie's 'hottie hottie baby modda' with whom he has a tempestous relationship; A
lovable rogue, Stoosh Puss, a fellow taxi driver; Reverend Bimmaz, Eula's dubious
pastor whose past is known only to Cabbie; Fluffy Empress, a flamboyant regular in
Delly's cab; and Officer Smith, a policeman who is the bane of every taximan's
existence on the road.