Jamaican English
'At Hot; Happening
'Ear mi nuh! Listen to me!
'Ism Schism Dodgy dealings
'Memba Remember; Member
'Ooman Woman
3 cyard man 3 card man; card hustler
Baby Modda Pregnant woman; Woman carrying a baby
Babylon Police; any system or person that is oppressive
Bad mine (mind) Envious; Not of good mind
Big up (yuself!!) Big up yourself (Greeting); Stand tall, maximum respect
Bloodclaat Expletive – cannot translate
Brawlin' Loud; Abrasive
Bredda Brother
Burning'am Birmingham
Bwoy Derogatory – Man; boy
Ching gum Chewing gum
Cyaa Cannot
Dat That
Dem Them
Dis This
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