Jamaican English
Pah-lave Very relaxed; ultra comfortable
Piss’n tail bwoy Derogatory – young irresponsible boy,
one who cannot pee straight
Pon On
Ray (Hoo)ray; Excitement; Affirmation Congratulations
Ray-Ray Et cetera; Enjoyment; Undesirable happenings
Ray-Tay Derivative of Ray-Ray
Ray-Tay-Tay Derivative of Ray-Tay
Small up yu’self Make room
Stoosh Haughty, Slick
T’iefin Thieving
Tun y dung Turn it down
Wahlrobe/Wahdge-robe Wardrobe; Closet
Wassy Spirited
Wha mi sey? What did I say?
Wha’ gwaan? What’s happening? How are you?
Which pah(t) u dey? Where are you?
Yah so Here
Yahd Jamaica, yard
Yu seet! You see it? Term used when in agreement.
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